6 steps to great Hospitality imagery

Hospitality imagery – 6 steps to greatness

In the words of our client Edward.

“The photos are worth a 1000 words. In fact, it seems that folk book on the basis of these and not the descriptions.
Some of our guests have booked on the strength of your 3D video.”

Edward is explaining what research has proven*

First impressions are important, and presentation sells.

As potential guests are assessing your property they are drawing information from the many touch points they have. However, your website and any images you have on your partner sites are the keys that guests will be using to formulate an impression.

Pictures are what will create an impression, far more powerfully than any amount of well-prepared words.

The easiest and most reliable way of achieving great imagery is to trust a firm of specialists who understand the hospitality market.

We asked our guys to provide their best tips to illustrate the attention to detail we bring to the task.

How to create a great impression, imaging your holiday let.

Number 1

De clutter. This may sound obvious but leaflets, signage fire extinguishers and tea towels detract from the space you want your guests to occupy. We ordinarily aim for a clear architectural look. But ensure that the spaces you display look like a place you would love to spend your time.

Number 2

Hide cables. We prefer to think that the kettle and the TV don’t need wires. Just unplug them and tuck them behind the appliance. We tend to switch all lamps on. It’s not that you need the additional light inside. Giving your lamps a glow can add to the homely feel.

Number 3

Straighten the curtains and bedding. Again, it’s a simple one but shadows from creases can jump out when photographing with flash lights.

Number 4

Details. Straighten the cushions, look at the angle of the doors and ensure the dining room chairs line up, oh and close the toilet lid.

Many property photographers also focus on the real estate market, The requirements of an estate agent are very different to those in hospitality, A realtor or estate agent is seeking to present a blank canvas. Somewhere the purchaser can feel comfortable starting work to make the place their own. In our world the property has to feel like home away

Number 5

Set the table, an empty table is a large expanse of space. Fill it with something interesting. A busy place setting makes a home look full and more importantly homely.

Number 6

Capture the lifestyle. Work out what your property is about and ensure you capture it. Is it a couple’s hideaway, does it have great views or access to great walks or bridleways? In which case ensure you represent that. Set the table for two with a smart bottle of wine.

One you have the attention of your prospective guests that is base 1. The next step is ensuring that your guests have all the information they need to assess the property.

The next step to conversion is ensuring your guests can picture themselves in your property. At ACT studios we apply the same rigor we apply to our photography to developing innovative 3 dimensional walkthroughs.

And in this we could not say it better than our client Andrew.

“The 3D tours have made a real difference to our business with potential holiday guests being able to instantly understand the layout of each cottage and its suitability for their party. Many have commented on the quality of the tours and this really helps in managing expectations ensuring that guests are happy with their choice of cottage. If a “picture is worth 1,000 words” then a 3D tour is worth at least ten times that again!”

The 3D tour included in the web journey of your guests gives them the perfect means to answer any questions they have on your property.

*Work, published here ‘Behaviour and Information Technology‘, propounds that first impressions have a long-term impact.

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