Announcing SuperControl partnership

SuperControl partnership announcement:

ACT Studios is super delighted to now partner closely with SuperControl, helping deliver the best possible solution for self-catering businesses. ACT Studios specialise in imaging and tours to ensure your customers are enticed and engaged online. We fully understand your unique hospitality offering, and can provide stunning yet affordable photography. SuperControl specialises in booking and managing your customers, offering an unparalleled booking journey. Working together this combination gives you a proven and tested solution to elevate your hospitality business, fully covering your front and back online marketing strategy.

“SuperControl is the leading UK booking and management system for self-catering businesses. We help our clients to be the very best they can be, and work hard to connect them with the right people to do just that. That’s why we’re delighted to work with ACT Studios. Having high quality photos on holiday rental websites and booking sites like Airbnb and gives guests a glimpse of the experience before they even book their holiday – and right now that is more important than ever.”

Jo Blaylock, Marketing, SuperControl 

We couldn’t say it any better Jo. Looking forward to working with you and the SuperControl team.


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