Photography Quiz – Guess our images and win a cottage shoot

Photography Quiz – Guess our images and win a cottage photo shoot

Below are some recent examples of the easiest, simplest and most cost effective way to completely transform ANY holiday home.

We completely agree that anyone can take a photograph these days and technology helps. So below we show two images of the same properties in the same condition – but which one would you prefer to book and which would you pay more for? The same images had been used for a long time to market these properties, so we were delighted to help out and freshen them up! Do consider us if you are thinking of ‘freshening up’ your cottage images.

Details of our competition are just below the photographs. We promise to give the winner a free cottage photo shoot. Good luck and we hope we can help you show off your cottage too.


  1. Cottage living room – top or bottom?

living-room     dmz_9136


2. Kitchen – top or bottom?

kitchen-with-dining-area    dmz_9141


3. Children’s bedroom – top or bottom?

triple-bedroom   dmz_9128


4. Lounge – top or bottom?

dmz_9124    sitting-room-from-another-angle


5. Another cottage lounge – top or bottom?

combermere-lounge-1-10-03-16    dmz_9112


6. Conservatory – top or bottom?

large-multi-purpose-conservatory    dmz_9123


7. Cottage bathroom – top or bottom?

family-bathroom    dmz_9129

The only actual difference is that one set of the photographs was taken by our photographers. Can you guess which? Email with your answers ‘top or bottom’ for each of the seven rooms. The winner will be the person with seven correct answers (hopefully not too hard!) drawn out of a hat on 25th November and will recieve a free refresh of their cottage photography worth £195 + the 3D cottage walk-through tour package (See our other recent blog for nice 3D example) to really add an extra special touch to your marketing.

We know you pour so much money, love and hard work into running a holiday cottage – so please don’t undersell it with average images. It does not cost much to make your property look really special and you will get this investment back time and time again. Your care will also be reciprocated by your guests.

On the flipside, whenever we deliver the cottage 3D tour package, if it is easy for us to help with images then we always will – especially interiors – and at no extra cost. The only condition is that you promise to use them. We just enjoy giving our clients as much value as possible, together with taking beautiful images in beautiful houses in beautiful locations with nice people.

Also if you know of any top photographers who may be interested to join our team, please do let us know. We would love to hear from them.



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