Holiday Home Photography ‘Step In’ Wheeldon Trees Farm Cottages

Holiday Home Photography 3D Tours of Wheeldon Trees Farm Cottages

We recently photographed Deborah’s and Martin’s 9-cottage farm in the Peak District (Buxton). The holiday home cottages are all stunning, with the most incredible rich green views. This is a ‘Step In’ 3D Tour gallery for ‘Elliot cottage‘ (sleeps 4). Enjoy. This holiday home photography will hopefully feature on the Wheeldon Trees Farm website soon. Make the most of your available time, so throughout the year you can arrive and leave on the dates of your choice and stay from 2 nights to however long you want! Sometimes, even just one night away from “routine” can be all you need to relax and recharge your batteries. You can stay at Wheeldon Trees Farm for a short break of one night (or more!!)


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