Light Photography – The study of Light – attention to detail

Light Photography – The study of Light – attention to detail

We love this time of year when properties are looking really good, summer is imminent, the light is perfect for photography and we can easily get access to them.  The important thing to focus on is making sure we present them so carefully. We must always ensure the best features stand out and they simply look incredible.

As you are prepping the property have a think about what the signature shot is, is there a great view, a quiet patio or some exquisite furniture that will really wow your potential guests. For inspiration just take a look at our website galleries, twitter and instagram feeds to see some of the images we have created that can capture the character of a place as well as providing a record of the room.

Real photography involves the study of light. You will understand this more when you look into the post production processes and the outcomes. Here is a fairly typical example:

Image before editing (taken by one of our team):

After editing:

What a difference! Now we can’t give away all our magic ingredients here but when you can get this right it helps sell the properties. Pretty amazing and gorgeous. Another fantastic room with a view and happy owner!

We are also told more and more people want to be sold ‘the experience’ of the holiday – this is where the 3D photography helps people ‘Be There’. Take a minute to walk around this is a beautiful converted chapel in Devon. It is very special. Click here:  3D Tour Of Old Chapel Conversion.

light and photography

Can you feel what it is like to be there now?



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