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Drone Photography: This property now has it all: pool, beaches & attractions.
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This is an interesting flat Hannah shot recently. It is situated at the rear of a holiday cottage complex. It is rated 3.5 stars, yet lacks the important views down to the beach and could be improved with some modernisation.

Our property photographers think hard about each of their shoots to focus on the properties best features and also look to help out where needed.

The flat is the only one in the complex with direct access to the pool so she initially made sure this feature is clearly highlighted to viewers.

To help regarding the views she added the following into the tour highlight reel:

  • Panoramic views of the local beaches
  • A selection of panoramic view of the grounds
  • Views inside the ruined church next door
  • The downstairs swimming pool

In addition to walking through the property and integrated floor plans, you can now walk out onto the balcony and click a link to a drone flying over the property. All the properties in the complex can now be nicely linked to the same drone footage. Similarly for local beaches.


So this flat now has all the views you could possibly desire. Well done Hannah and thank you.




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