Three new lovely testimonials we would like to share

Linda Winstanley, Owner/ Director Broomhill Manor Country Estate

“The holiday cottage rental market is huge – especially in Cornwall, with more bed space being added all the time. The need to stand out and differentiate yourself is a constant challenge and therefore when I was first introduced to ACT Studios, I was keen to see how we could use the amazing 3D technology to showcase what we have at Broomhill Manor. One of our key strengths are the extensive family friendly facilities and I initially approached Andrew to see how we could create a virtual walk-through of the facilities to put on our website.

I was impressed with the skill and professionalism of the photographer who did the work – his focus on attention to detail and help and advice ensured we got the best results. We also asked him to film one of our entry level cottages – I figured that if that videoed well, then they would all look good.
I was so pleased with the outcome that we quickly followed up to get all 18 cottages videoed; one of the additional benefits of their work is the excellent set of professionally taken and edited stills you also get for each property which can be used on your website and on social media. The viewing stats provided are useful too, as are the teams advice on ways to get best results. I am delighted with the quality of the work – I guess one of the best tests was from a recent guest; while I was giving him a personal tour of the facilities he said “wow, this is déjà vu – I took the tour of your facilities on the website and it now feels as though I have been here before…” Thoroughly recommended”

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Edward, Thatch Close Cottages

“The photos are worth a 1000 words. In fact it seems that folk book on the basis of these and not the descriptions.
Some of our guests have booked on the strength of you 3D video.”

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Andrew Blowers, Mornacott

“The 3D tours have made a real difference to our business with potential holiday guests being able to instantly understand the layout of each cottage and its suitability for their party. Many have commented on the quality of the tours and this really helps in managing expectations ensuring that guests are happy with their choice of cottage. If a “picture is worth 1,000 words” then a 3D tour is worth at least ten times that again!”

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