ACT Studios Photography Website – Welcome

ACT Studios Photography Website – Welcome

We hope you like our simple and straightforward photography website which reflects the essence of ACT Studios Photogtraphy. It is always refreshing to bring in some new images and create a better impression.

Since launching the business in 2015 our team have achieved a huge amount. We continue striving to provide more and more client value whilst always learning. We are now working with many different types of agencies from leading independent estate agents to yacht brokers, holiday cottage agencies, ski resorts, events directories, property developers and more.

Estate agency news

Estate agencies are a growing market for us and also incredibly challenging. With fierce competition for listings and such narrow margins, helping our clients provide the best possible marketing is tough. We know our photographers will make each property look stunning and to further help we invested in elevated photography for the team.

The 3D Tours solution is still a little marmite for estate agents. Some seem almost ‘scared’ of it and then there are those that now insist on using it for every listing. It is a great differentiator and shows off properties wonderfully across all digital platforms from main-stream property portals to virtual reality headsets. With our training, the 3D will often help the agent win the listing, sell the property quickly and offer significant post sales value. Win, win and win.

New digital photographic technologies are moving fast with heavyweight backers like Google and Facebook seeking out disruption wherever it can be found. Just ask Kodak what happens when you don’t keep on top of it. Virtual reality is now seriously creeping into the estate agency world with even Foxtons having announced a trial. We are always working with these technologies and can help provide the best solution for you. Our mission however is to only ever provide practical and affordable photography solutions.

Holiday cottage news

From our work with estate agencies we were asked to start shooting for holiday cottage companies around the UK and now even further afield with ski resorts. We started working with Toad Hall Cottages then Beach Retreats, Discovery Holiday Homes, Helpful Holidays, New Forest Cottages + more. We are also delighted to be a Rentivo service partner now too.

We work very differently with holiday cottage agencies than with estate agencies. We help by efficiently delivering our service across both large and small cottage portfolios and now have a proven and affordable recipe for doing so. Importantly, our holiday cottage clients get bookings directly from visitors seeing their 3D tours and our team love working in beautiful holiday locations.

In addition, we have found the tours offer so much practical information and advantages. These range from helping reduce questions from prospective holiday makers, show access clearly (VisitEngland were impressed) and support property managers. Most owners are thrilled by them as they can always savour their holiday homes and views, and help with property maintenance tasks.

Having some creative license and being able to go the extra mile is important to our team. We had great fun giving the Toad Hall guys some virtual reality headsets to help make a buzz at their country fairs. Visitors could put on a headset and ‘virtually’ walk around some of the Toad Hall properties. It impressed everyone including prospective owners. See here :

Thank you for reading our blog and we will keep you updated with all interesting news and developments. Please do come back and get in contact if there is anything we can help you with.