What is Step In Photography?

Step In Photography

We’ve all seen marketing photos and thought that looks great but wonder what the crop is masking. ACT studios new offering ‘step in photography’ blends high resolution professional photography with innovative 3D photography allowing hospitality properties to entice visitors further with great imagery and then allow them to step in by clicking to explore the detail of the property in full.

Viewers can now click on any and all of your property marketing photographs to just step in and immerse yourself in the scene.

This is our 2 stage photography process (described below) we now bring to the hospitality sector. It is carefully designed and delivered to:

  1. Attract on-line viewers
  2. Deeply engage and convert

Here is an example of a ‘Step in‘ property gallery. Click on any of the images to quite literally bring each image to life. This technique was also demonstrated in our last blog post. Enjoy Fingals below.

(Please note that we can deliver ‘step in’ photography for your existing property images or help refresh them).

Hospitality marketing is really hard. Like fishing, the first thing you need to do is ‘hook your viewer‘. As there are so many places for them to browse through, the hook needs to be shiney and sharp. This is the photography that makes your property look amazing. We use our talented and expert hospitality photographers and editors to deliver the most tempting hooks. This is stage 1.

For stage 2 we are ‘reeling them in’ to convert and book. To do this we want to give them something amazing that answers all their questions just via rich digital imagery. By ‘stepping in‘ to the images they will experience what it is like to be there. Viewers find this incredibly engaging and very importantly it is a consistent part of their marketing user journey given it can be fully integrated with the gallery browsing experience.

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