With many UK universities now having to compete to fill places, as students pay their own tuition fees, great photography has never been more important in the marketing of an educational establishment.

High quality still photography has long played a crucial role in showcasing university teaching and student accommodation, in both online and offline media.

But the advent of interactive 3D tours, allowing the viewer to take a virtual look round a room or building and feel as though they are actually ‘stepping into’ the photograph, is taking digital marketing to another level again.

Which is why The University of Birmingham approached ACT Studios to capture this over-a-century old establishment in a modern and up-to-date way.

One which would allow prospective students (and parents!) to browse their site, its teaching facilities and its living quarters.

The result is breathtakingly detailed 3D interactivity which now allows users to see exactly how far away the bathroom is from their room. Or how many people will be sharing their block.

Users can browse the kitchen facilities in details.  Or even count the number of plug sockets in their bedroom!

All of which might be critical to someone with additional needs.

Or someone considering coming to study at The University of Birmingham from another country.

University accommodation

Modern university accommodation facilities

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