Shooting at dusk takes great skill – and patience! But the end results are powerful and create images with real presence. So what exactly is a dusk shot and how can it enhance your own digital imagery?

What is a Dusk Shot?

In short, a dusk shot is a photograph taken in low level light, as the day draws to a close, generally of the exterior of a property, in order to showcase the building.

Perhaps reminiscent of those little night-light ceramic houses of yesteryear, the effect is one in which the viewer’s eye is drawn directly to the warm light emanating from the windows of the building.

Dusk shots allow you to showcase your property in all lights

We are all well used to seeing images (print or digital) of the exterior of a hotel or holiday cottage depicted in good weather. Think bright sunshine, perhaps the odd cloud and an expansive blue sky.

And whilst a perpetual blue sky looks appealing, it actually does very little to set your photos apart from what the customer has come to expect. It is, in short, standard.

With advanced editing suites and ever increasing skill sets, photographers can even ‘add in’ a better looking sky to your picture if it was overcast when they took the shots.

Dusk – or twilight – shots, by contrast, are not something that can be photo-shopped in after the event with any degree of credibility.

Done properly, they are a real test of a photographer’s skill. Fortunately our highly trained photographers have this in spades!

Why should you commission a dusk shoot for your property?

The impact of a well taken dusk shot is breath-taking. And can really help give your property incredible stand out.

One of the real benefits of commissioning a dusk shoot is that it allows you to show off your property in a variety of lights. Not only will you have daytime shots of the interior and exterior of the property but you will be able to convey just how lovely your garden is when the sun has gone down.

This can be particularly useful if your holiday rental has a hot tub or swimming pool which may be used at all times of the day. Or perhaps an outdoor seating area, with a fire pit.

With more and more people creating living spaces outside, being able to photograph these areas in all lights is a real added bonus.

What are the marketing benefits of Dusk Shots?

It has been suggested that low light level shots do well on social media because, taken properly, they stand out from standard daytime images and tend to create much better engagement from your followers.

So you may want to consider taking a series of twilight pictures for your own website in order to better market your offering online.

But don’t forget that these same images can be used to great effect on your social media channels too.

What if the weather isn’t good enough to take low light photography?

There’s clearly no point in turning up in the driving rain to shoot a dusk shot. And it’s not something we can add in later using Photoshop. Dusk shots are all about precise timing, advanced preparation and a great deal of skill and patience!

So if you are interested in booking a dusk shoot with ACT Studios, we will work with you to plan ahead for a time when we can expect good weather.

How can I arrange a dusk shoot for my hotel or holiday cottage?

If you would like more information about arranging for us to come out and photograph your premises at dusk, then please just give our friendly ACT Studios team a call and we will talk you through the process, without obligation.

The best time to take a dusk shoot is 15-20 minutes after sunset so we will arrange a day when we can expect good weather for the very best outcome.

And if you would like to refresh your hospitality imagery overall, we would be more than happy to talk to you about our interior photography and our 360 degree virtual tour photography. All of which can be shot in the same day!

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