High quality, still photography for the holiday cottages and the hospitality industry

The creation and delivery of high quality, still photography is the basis on which ACT Studios was originally founded. It continues to play a huge role in our work to this day.

We pride ourselves on capturing images that tell a story. We call it visual storytelling.

Visual storytelling is essential when it comes to marketing your business. Not just because a picture is worth a thousand words. But because we have seen first-hand how effective strong imagery can be in increasing your bottom line.

The importance of good photography to engage your guests

Did you know that having at least one photo actually increases the likelihood of an enquiry, booking or purchase by 225%?!

For example, websites that have at least 100 photos see engagement levels rise to 151% and the likelihood of a booking enquiry rises to 238% compared to those with no photos. Source

What kind of still photography does ACT Studios offer?

Unlike estate agents, at ACT Studios, we do not aim to make every room in your property look bigger than it actually is! There’s no fish eye lenses or trick photography with us. Because it would only disappoint your guests when they arrive.

What we do aim to do is create photography that makes your holiday cottage look inviting from every angle. So if there’s an incredible sea view, we will ensure that the doors are wide open and the viewer feels as though they can step out into the picture to hear the seagulls themselves.

We are devils for detail too! We spend a great deal of time making sure each room looks just right. Are the cushions plumped up? Plug sockets all switched off? Seams on lampshades turned round? And is the bed neatly made?

We also aim to give you great coverage. We don’t ever limit the number of images you will receive. If your property inspires us to take lots of stills to get the full coverage you need, then we will pass them all over to you.

Which areas of my holiday property should I be photographing?

There’s no short answer to this but in general, we photograph any and all areas that lend themselves to visual storytelling. To beautifully showcase the guest experience you offer.

Each property is different and whilst guests expect to see all the main rooms covered, we also want to create images that really convey the luxury and feel of a space. Whether that is because the holiday accommodation has a stunning view or perhaps a welcoming log burner as a focal point.

A full holiday rental photo shoot typically covers all the main rooms along with exterior shots and any imagery that can really convey the individuality of the property.

If you represent a hotel, there a number of standard areas you should cover in a photography session, including: read more

Complimentary photography inspiration and preparation checklist. 

ACT Studios is a leading supplier of high quality visual content to the holiday rental and hospitality industry.

Our professional team of photographers and post production editors can supply you with high resolution, still photography as well as more immersive 3D virtual tours.

We have put together this handy guide to help provide inspiration and help best prepare for a photoshoot in order to get the best possible results.

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Find out how this sea view led to unprecedented numbers of bookings!

Within two weeks of going live, this image resulted in
40 weeks worth of bookings.

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How should I prepare my holiday cottage for an interiors photography shoot?

Preparing in advance for a photography shoot will help ensure that the day itself goes without a hitch.

The team at ACT Studios are experts and offer helpful guidance for your own particular location. We will liaise with you well in advance, to make sure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible.

But in general, the more thought you put into making your property look great, the easier it will be to capture this. read more

Can you edit my holiday property images after the photo shoot?

Yes we can! We spend a great deal of time carefully editing each shot by hand for a consistent look and feel.

We’re skilled at adding to photos as well as taking away. So if you need us to ‘light’ the fire in your log burner, that’s no problem.

Turn up the warmth right across the pictures? Easy. read more


To find out more, just give us a call. We are always happy to talk through your requirements before you book a photography session with us.

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