3D virtual tours for the hospitality industry

Imagine creating an image that looks just like a photograph. Until you click on it.

At which point, you are taken right into the picture itself. So you get a 360 degree view of the room – and the rest of the property. This means that you (and more importantly, potential guests) can step inside and take a virtual walk around your holiday accommodation. Plus you can zoom into any part of it you like to explore further.

When it comes to engaging with your next guest, ACT Studios’ three dimensional virtual tours take photography to another level. Perfect for hotels, holiday accommodation and much more.

3D virtual tours not only allow you to connect with your guests, they help speed up the booking decision and increase customer confidence that what they are about book will meet their expectations on arrival.

So how can 3D video tours work for you?

Why guests love 3D virtual tours

Apart from building excitement about their forthcoming holiday? It can reassure potential guests that your property is right for them. And that gives them the confidence to click ‘Book Now!’.

It’s especially appreciated by guests who might have specific access requirements or those that want to see how far away the children will be sleeping. The transparency of a virtual 3D tour will put their mind at rest.

They simply click on the image to ‘step in’ to the picture, with the ability to turn in any direction to explore a feature in more detail.

Want to view the room from the other side of the bed? Easy. Using your mouse (or a touch screen) simply click (or tap) on the picture and spin the view in a direction to suit you.

Fancy a peek in the bathroom? Maybe to check if it has a walk in shower? Again, just click or tap on the direction you would like to take.

It even lets you leave the room to explore different rooms on another floor. And basically look round the whole property.

The beauty of 3D virtual tours is that they are incredibly simple to use. And extremely intuitive.

Making the most of your 3D virtual tour

ACT Studios 3D virtual tours provide an exciting way of bringing a room to life for the viewer. We use a special type of Matterport camera, which produces a 360 degree image that users can browse at their leisure.

Once captured, the results are incredible. They’re also highly flexible and very straightforward to customise.

As a holiday cottage owner, for example, you will be able to showcase individual rooms as well as the whole house. Which you can even see in miniature, in the interactive ‘doll’s house view’.

Alternatively, we can create interactive floor plans, so your guests know exactly how the property will be laid out.

For hoteliers, you can use a 3D tour to show guests round all your bedroom as well as other areas of the hotel. Such as the lobby, restaurant, bar and conferencing facilities.

Plus there is so much more you can do with your 3D virtual tour. From using them in your social media posts, embedding text and videos to interactively measuring spaces in the rooms. Check out all of this and more in our guide – Making the most of your 3D Virtual Tour

What’s the cost of including a 3D tour in my hospitality photography session?

If you book a full professional photography shoot (ie capturing interiors, exteriors and a dusk shoot), there is no additional charge for including a 3D virtual tour. There is a daily rate for photography and for the subsequent editing required. The price depends on how long the photography shoot will take. This is based on how many properties you want to shoot and the size of each one – but we can also offer mini shoots to suit your budget. 

There is an annual hosting fee, which is currently £40+VAT per tour per year. 

If you only require a 3D virtual tour, again the price will depend on the size of the property. Please call the ACT Studios team on 0333 3446897 for more information and to discuss your specific visual photography requirements.  We can then give you a much clearer quotation for the work involved.

How long does it take to create a 360 degree virtual tour?

We typically photograph a property using both a professional full frame DSLR camera as well as the special 3D camera, which we then use to create the virtual video tours.

This means that we have the flexibility to offer you both options of still photography and 3D virtual tour photography, should you want them both. 

The time it takes to photograph a property varies from place to place, depending on size and the number of rooms or areas to be covered.

However, as a guide, it can take in the region of three hours for a standard three bedroom, 2 bathroom holiday cottage. So we could shoot three cottages on the same site in a day if required, with both cameras.

How easy is it to get the virtual tour loaded on to my website?

Super easy! Once edited, we will send you an embed code so you can drop the tours file straight into your site. And it will start to play!

Our team of experts at ACT Studios will talk you through this and any questions you might have.

And if you have your own team of web designers, we can pass them the necessary code to ensure that every photograph on your hotel’s website offers step in functionality to allow potential customers to take a look round.

It’s also worth noting that you can use your 3D tours across other marketing platforms too. Including social media and your Google My Business listing. Take a look at our handy guide: Making the most of your 3D tour for more information.

Want to learn more about 3D virtual tours?

Call us to find out how including virtual tours of your holiday cottage, B&B or boutique hotel on your website could significantly improve bookings.