A community of professional vacation rental photographers local to you

Over 200 independent professional photographers have come together to provide the best support to owners and property managers of vacation rentals, STRs, holiday properties and hospitality businesses located anywhere in the world. As likeminded professionals, we share knowledge, experiences, techniques and much more. The desired goal is to continuously ‘lift’ the standard of imaging across the whole holiday rental industry.

Our photographers can vary in the services they provide which typically include: Professional photography of internals and externals, atmospheric dusk shots, drone imaging, floor plans, 3D virtual tours, property staging and more. 

If you can’t find a photographer’s pin near you on the map then do still get in touch as we will always make best efforts to help.   


In the UK

Marcin ChojnackiAreas covered: England & Wales, UK
Mario VandershotAreas covered: England & Wales
Russell HoggAreas covered: Scotland, north of England & UK

In the USA

Aleksei TorozerovAreas covered: Orlando and Orange County

Cody LereAreas covered: Western South Dakota, Northwestern Nebraska, Southeastern Montana, Wyoming

Daren Clodio – Areas covered: Central Oklahoma

James Meyer – Areas covered: SE Wisconsin

Jared Hoffpauir – Areas covered: USA 417 Area Code, Branson, Springfield, Nixa, Ozark +

Jennie BoumaAreas covered: Snohomish Country, King Country +

Kevin MartinezAreas covered: Pima Country, Santa Cruz County, Arizona & Sonora

Kim TinuvielAreas covered: Lake Havasu City and Freeland (Whidbey Island)

Meredith CoonsAreas covered: Albany NY area, South of Boston Massachusetts, USA

Mona MakelaAreas covered: New Mexico

Nichol Davis – Areas covered: Southern California +

Nicole Peloquin – Areas covered: The Oregon Coast, Tillamook Country

Scott Ramsey – Areas covered: North Georgia and above Atlanta

Tim Dardis – Areas covered: Central Florida

In Europe

Francesco MartelloAreas covered: Denmark and Sweden
Luca Candela – Areas covered: Italy

Australia & Thailand
Marli NagtegaalAreas covered: Western Australia
Nicolas VoisinAreas covered: Thailand
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Capturing outstanding images

Producing the very best images to help you market your vacation rental is a skilled profession. As well as arriving with the right equipment (lighting, tripods, lenses and more), your property photographer will spend time talking to you. They’ll ask what makes your accommodation stand out? What do guests love about it most? Who is your target audience? How do you go above and beyond to make everything even more special? They can provide guidance and help to stage or dress your property too. Ultimately they want the same thing as you. To produce outstanding images of the highest quality that they are proud to showcase just as much as you are.