Choose from the streamline option to fully bespoke

Exquisite websites delivered and maintained professionally by hospitality experts

Choosing a company to create a new website for your holiday accommodation is a big decision. There are so many web developers as well as DIY options out there. ACT Studios is a small, professional team that work closely with serious holiday accommodation owners to find a website solution that’s right for you (and your budget).

You can choose to have a completely bespoke website designed just for you. Or opt for our proven, hand-crafted, streamline design. Either way, we’ll deliver a website that looks fantastic, is easy to use (for both you and your guests) and drives direct bookings.

Website features:

  • Fully responsive, mobile-friendly web design
  • Branded with your colour choice, font style and logo
  • SSL certified – safe, secure and reliable
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • You can edit the text and update the content
  • It’ll grow with your business – add more pages as required
  • You’ll own your domain name and professional email addresses


  • Booking software: embedded PMS (of your choice) so people can book and pay online
  • Guest reviews: we can add widgets or a feed so they stay current and build trust
  • Social media: links or a feed to your socials

Hosting, maintenance and support

  • 24 x 7 x 365 operations team and local customer support
  • Fast and reliable dedicated hosting
  • 256 bit security encryption
  • Weekly testing of your website’s performance, speed and appearance
  • Scheduled plug-in updates to ensure optimum performance

Add-on packages
You can choose to provide us with your own content and copywriting. But we also offer add-on packages to ensure the best results:

The Price

Prices start from £1095 + VAT /$1375 USD / €1275 EUROS for a streamline website for one property.

Bespoke websites will be quoted individually depending you the number of pages, design and feature requirements.

There is also a monthly fee payable that covers hosting, support and maintenance (detailed above) based on the size of your site (starting at £40+VAT per month).

What’s the difference between a Streamline website and a template one?

If you buy a DIY template website off-the-shelf (or use a free website builder included with your PMS) there is little or no flexibility. Plus it is up to you to add all of the content and photographs and try to get the colours right for you.

When you choose an ACT Studios streamline website, it’s different. Because it is all put together by an experienced, professional designer. And if you want to change the PMS software you use to take bookings, you can.

You tell us your font choice and colour preferences, and supply us with all the content for your website. That’s all the copywriting, images and text for the search engine optimisation (SEO) fields. We provide guidance on this.

Then we add in the content that you give us, carefully re-sizing and positioning images as required. That means that the design can be adapted to work with your material. There is some flexibility.

It’s this final touch that adds the magic.

Then our team thoroughly tests your website before putting it live; and ongoing, we continue to monitor and maintain its performance. Training material is provided so you can make tweaks and changes yourself going forward. Plus we’re still at the end of the phone if you need any help or want to add more pages to your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a business email set up to match the domain name?

Yes you can. Just let us know which ones you need and we will set them up. There is no extra charge for this.

Which PMS (Property Management Software) do your partner with?

In theory any PMS that has provides an embed code. We have built websites that use SuperControl, OwnerRez, Bookalet, Freetobook, Streamline VRS, InnStyle, Smoobu and more.

Can ACT Studios help me to set up my own PMS account?

No, this is something you will need to set time aside to do. Once you’ve done this, we ask for a login so that we can set up your availability calendar theme to match the design of your website. Then we take the HTML code and embed the availability calendar and booking pages to your website.


What’s the process if I ask ACT Studios to do the copywriting for me? Do you use AI?

We will spend time talking to you to find out who your target guest is and get to know a bit about you. That way we can ensure that the copywriting has the right tone and feel to both accurately represent you and appeal to your audience. During this process we look at your current listings, social media and other sources to gather all the required information. Then our experienced and skilled copywriters create the content for you. We don’t use AI or ChatGPT. Whilst it can have its uses, it’s not always accurate. And since Google’s March 2024 core algorithm update, sites made with AI generated content are being penalized. Our copywriters create content that is tailored to the holiday experience you offer and optimised for search engines.


Can I update the words on my website myself after it goes live?

Yes. We use WordPress to build your website and provide a training video showing you how to do this when your website goes live.


I’m not confident making changes to the website myself, can ACT Studios do this for me and is there a cost?

Yes we can make text changes for you. We don’t charge for small edits. However if whole pages of content need updating (and the SEO meta titles and descriptions as well), an hourly charge will apply.


Can I change the photographs on my website after it goes live?

You can (we will advice the image size and resolution to set to ensure your website’s speed and appearance isn’t affected), however we can also do this for you. Again there is no charge for replacing the odd image. But if you have have a complete re-shoot and want to replace all of the images, an hourly rate will apply.

If we want to host our website with someone else, can we?

Yes. Whilst we prefer to host the websites we design and build (that way we can ensure they are properly maintained and updated), if you want to switch to another hosting option you can. If you do, then any further website support required by the ACT Studios will be charged at an hourly rate.

Does the hosting and maintenance support include renewing the SSL certificate?

Yes it does.

Can I add more pages to my website after it goes live?

Yes. As your business evolves or your property portfolio grows we can add as many pages as required. Again an hourly rate is charged for the developers time.

What if there’s a problem with my website?

We have a UK-based technical support team who are available 7 days a week. Simply send an email to our suuport team and we will pick it up. Because we have an operations team, you have peace of mind that even if someone is out of office or on holiday, any issues will be addressed quickly.

If a technical issue occurs, how quickly will it be investigated?

Because we test websites weekly, the risk of any technical issues is reduced. However, should there be a problem we will always reply to your email within 24 hours and one of our team will be assigned do identify any issue and fix it.