Term is NOT cancelled: How universities can attract students, despite Covid-19

Aug 7, 20203D virtual tours, comprehensive marketing, smart marketing

Covid-19 has placed a lot of obstacles in the way of the higher education sector. Not only for universities, but for the students who plan on attending. Choosing a university is a massive decision. Whole teams of people are employed to ensure this is a simple decision for prospective students. This is somewhat difficult with lockdown restrictions. Above all, this is difficult but not impossible! We will discuss how universities can attract students despite Covid-19. The most effective way to achieve this is by using 3D tours. 

First up, what is a 3D tour and how does it work? 

3D tours are an exciting way of bringing a room, or your whole campus to life for the viewer. We use a special type of Matterport camera, which produces a 360 degree image that users can browse.

We’ll arrange an initial consultation with your team to gain a deeper understanding of what you’d like us to capture. Coupled with our own in-depth research and with our ultra-talented photographers we will capture your campus perfectly.

Hmm, interesting but how will this benefit me? 

There are countless benefits to 3D tours. It gives interested students the ability to experience your university in a way photography and videos just don’t allow. With a 3D tour of your campus you can offer a modern solution to a modern societal issue. Your students will love it!

As you know, lots of students are considering postponing higher education until next year. We know that universities have worked hard to ensure that their campus meets the needs of their students. 3D tours convey your hard work with clarity. Your students will be able to have a virtual walk around campus and get fully immersed, all from the comfort of their sofa! 

Many institutions are looking to offer online learning for most courses. As such lots of students will not experience campus for quite a long time. Again, 3D tours are the solution. Give your students the chance to build an affinity with your campus and become familiar, all whilst remaining socially distant. 

Covid-19 won’t last forever and the good news is 3D tours will help you afterwards. Simply, it will help anyone considering choosing your university. Visual aids are a fantastic feature and the flexibility of a 3D tour adds an extra layer of ‘wonder’ for your prospective students. This is especially true for international students. For them, it is not always practical to visit campus before they commit to an institution.

OK great, but who are ACT Studios?

Marketing has always been our passion. It’s what we do. All day, every day. We do this together as a small team, located in various corners across the UK. Everything we do is professional, bespoke and delivered with love.

We started as a tiny expert team of professional property photographers. However over the years we have carefully blended in other property and accommodation marketing specialists. We now have the ability to tackle any marketing challenge where ‘property’ is a valued element of your offering.

Everything from 3D tours to specialist marketing to professional photography – we’ve got your back!

Can we see any examples? 

We’ve worked with a variety of sectors, including the higher education sector. We have previously worked with Birmingham University to provide 3D tours of their student accommodation. Here’s what they had to say about it: 

“Given the significant investment we make in our student accommodation this has to be reflected on the university website. To do this we brought in ACT Studios to help bring the accommodation to life for online viewers […]

The service was highly professional, delivered to timescales and quite simply made very easy for us. In addition, the package was remarkably cost efficient. We would certainly recommend the ACT team.”

Thomas Leach, Project Officer

University of Birmingham

How universities can attract students despite covid-19 | ACT STUDIOS

How do I sign up? 

We’ve put a great deal of thought into how universities can attract students despite Covid-19. To find out more about how we can help, get in touch. We’d love to have a no obligation chat with you and answer any questions you might have.