7 ways to get even more from your Matterport tour

Calling all holiday property owners and agencies! There is so much value you can get from your Matterport 3D virtual tour to really enhance the guest experience you offer. Did you know that in addition to providing a step-in, walk-through experience for potential guests, you can: get a floor plan… Read more

PASC newsletter and webinar round up

The Professional Association of Self-Caterers (PASC) is dedicated to lobbying the government on behalf of UK self-caterers. This has never been more important than during the current crisis, when their focus has been securing business support for self-caterers.  The PASC has worked tirelessly to keep us all up to date… Read more

What makes a great website: SEO and content

Next up in this blog series is how focusing on your SEO and content will help you create the perfect website. We will take you through what SEO and content means and why it is important. We’ll discuss how the two relate to each other. Further, we will delve into… Read more

What makes a great website: photography and 3D virtual tours

It’s an increasingly digital world we live in. So it’s important to adapt with it so your business can thrive online. The first blog in this series will discuss the importance of visual marketing for your website. Visual marketing is when you take your brand’s messaging and marketing strategies and… Read more

What makes a great website? A blog series by ACT Studios

More so that ever, your online presence is what sells your business. Just like you’d plan to have an immaculate shop window, your website should be equally pristine. This is true for all types of businesses, be it selling a physical product or an experience. As businesses are becoming more… Read more

Could you host weddings at your holiday rental to boost profits?

Recent COVID-19 restrictions make it harder for self-caterers to prosper, especially owners of larger properties. Harder to prosper, but not impossible. Now is the time to think outside the box and to adapt to the times. Weddings are a hot topic at ACT Studios HQ at the moment! Could you… Read more

Kickstart grants for small tourism businesses in England: how ACT can help

Update (13/01/2021) We’re no stranger to increased restrictions, both personally and professionally at the moment. We find ourselves in the midst of the strictest lockdown since March 2020. As a result, each of the four national governments has increased grant money. With this in mind, we will update this blog… Read more

How to encourage your guests to book direct

2020 has seen a significant increase in people choosing to holiday in the UK instead of going abroad. But what makes people choose to book your holiday rental? It isn’t always about location. A luxury lodge on the Welsh coast could easily be competing against a seaside cottage in Cornwall… Read more

Term is NOT cancelled: How universities can attract students, despite Covid-19

Covid-19 has placed a lot of obstacles in the way of the higher education sector. Not only for universities, but for the students who plan on attending. Choosing a university is a massive decision. Whole teams of people are employed to ensure this is a simple decision for prospective students…. Read more

Boost your bookings with 3D tours

Potential guests love being able to step in and take a virtual walk around your accommodation, it can be the final push they need to hit ‘book now’. The thing with a 3D tour is that it shows exactly what your holiday rental provides – there are no smoke and… Read more

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