What makes a great website? A blog series by ACT Studios

Oct 5, 20203D virtual tours, comprehensive marketing, smart marketing, Still photography, Websites

More so that ever, your online presence is what sells your business. Just like you’d plan to have an immaculate shop window, your website should be equally pristine. This is true for all types of businesses, be it selling a physical product or an experience. As businesses are becoming more tech-savvy, the pressure to have a well designed and highly functional website increases. In this blog series we will use our specialist industry experience to guide you and your property-based business to creating a great website that drives profits and direct sales. Over 5 blogs, we will discuss a range of things you should consider when creating (or maintaining) your businesses website.

Who are ACT Studios?

This is the million dollar question. Why should you read this series and trust our advice? To answer those questions, we’ll tell you a bit more about who we are and what we do …

ACT Studios was founded in 2015 and remains a small, focused and expert team, who are passionate about helping you to market your holiday cottages, guest houses, hotels and other property-based businesses throughout the UK. We provide inspirational hospitality photography, beautiful bespoke websites and truly reflective content that really makes a difference to our clients. Our team work closely together, sharing knowledge and tips. We all strive to keep improving and delighting people with our work even more, every day. This is our small but important mission.

Blog one: 3D and photography

First up in this blog series is the visual aspects of your website. Typically, we buy with our eyes. This is certainly true for websites. In this blog we discuss the importance of high-quality photography. 3D virtual tours also feature where they offer a contemporary, compelling and effective visual marketing tool for your website.

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Blog two: content and SEO

Next up is content and search engine optimisation (SEO). These are things that are often overlooked, but have a large impact on how successful your website will be. Even with the most spectacular web design, if your content and SEO is lacking you will struggle to achieve your online goals. This article gives you a good insight into what makes good content. Further, we give you lots of handy tips on how to improve your website’s SEO and why SEO is something you should build into your general marketing efforts.

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Blog three: calls to action (CTA) and navigation

Your potential guests should never struggle to find anything on your website. It’s likely you and your team know how to navigate your website like it’s the back of their hand. However, visitors to your website must find it easy and straightforward too. The third instalment in this series will pose important questions that will allow you to delve into how simple your website is to navigate. Further, we’ll discuss how to simplify your website and make for an intuitive user-experience. Clear CTAs are vital to increase sales on your website. This can, and should, be done in a well thought out and non-obtrusive manner.

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Blog four: industry know-how

With a whopping combined experience of 139 years, our team really know what they’re talking about. Individually we each have our own specialities, and use each other as sounding boards for new creative ideas. We are constantly developing our expertise in this ever-dynamic industry. This blog will discuss the relevancy of knowing your industry inside and out, and the importance of developing your knowledge. We’ll delve into how this knowledge can increase your direct bookings and create a show stopping website that attracts lots of visitors.

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Blog five: how ACT Studios can help

This blog will showcase lots of amazing examples of our work. We’ll take you through some examples of how we can take your website from drab to fab! There will be a particular emphasis on how the websites we create drive profits and increase web traffic to your site.

Blog one: 3D and photography