What makes a great website: why you should choose us

Nov 10, 2020comprehensive marketing, smart marketing, Websites

You’ve made it to the final blog in this series. A big thank you for making it this far! In this blog, we will discuss why you should choose ACT Studios to create your new website. We’ll delve into key success factors for websites and tell you why ACT excels in these areas. Further, we’ll discuss why now is the best time to create a new website for your business.

Success factors

Finding a company that can confidently manage all aspects of your website is no easy feat. At ACT Studios, we will work extremely closely with you and your team to create the perfect website that gets results, and we have the evidence to back that up. In addition, we won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with the finished product. In this blog series, we’ve mentioned a number of things that will lead your website to success. Let’s deep dive into what they are and examples of our work:

What makes a great website: 3D virtual tours and photography 

This is the heart and soul of ACT Studios. In fact, it is the very first service our company offered. Our photographers are some of the best in the country at property photography. In that sense, you know you’re hiring the best of the best. Above all, the importance of photography and virtual marketing tools like 3D virtual tours is paramount in creating the perfect website. People buy with their eyes. This is especially true when buying an experience (like a holiday rental property.) Photography can truly make or break your website. Even if you spend hours finessing the design, if your visuals are off then your website will be too.

ACT Studios takes the stress out of this for you. Since we have some of the best property photographers in the country, you can rest easy knowing your website will be visually appealing. Not only that, high-quality photography is a great addition to any aspect of your marketing portfolio. For instance, high-quality photography will step up your social media game.

What makes a great website: content and SEO

The ideal web design company should have a marketing team who can confidently approach content and SEO and guarantee results *cough* ACT Studios *cough*. At ACT Studios we have a fab team of marketing experts that write (or tweak) the content for your website and ensure it’s fully optimised for search engines before handing the reigns over to your company. Plus, our team works closely with yours to ensure we promote the right things and adopt the correct tone. Moreover, when creating a website, part of our process is spending time understanding what is working well for you and what isn’t. Simply, what aspects of your online presence require improvement and which parts we should emulate throughout. We also show you how to add blogs and update the content yourself, so in the future you can keep your website current and up-to-date without incurring additional costs.

What makes a great website: CTA and navigation

Perfect CTAs (calls to action) and navigation are vital to your online success. ACT Studios achieve just this because we spend a great deal of time getting to understand your, your guests and your business. In understanding the way your business works we come to recognise what drives your guests to book. This way we can organically motivate them to click the ‘book now’ button. Our web team use their vast experience to create a powerful and intuitive navigation and user experience. We ensure that every user that visits your site has a pleasant and logical experience. This means all of your web visitors can find what they’re looking for – easily.

Take a look at some of the websites we’ve delivered so far.

What makes a great website: Industry know-how

Last, but certainly not least, is industry knowledge. The fourth blog in the series stressed the importance of hiring a company that knows your industry inside and out. We absolutely live by this. We truly believe that in order to successfully create a website that has perfect visuals, great content, perfect SEO, powerful CTAs and logical navigation you need someone who ‘gets it’. Most web developers can adequately create a site for you that looks good, but that is entirely separate from functionality and working for your specific industry and client base.

At ACT Studios we specialise in creating websites for holiday rental businesses. Yes, our team have proven experience in web design and development, SEO and marketing. What sets us apart is that some of us also have our own self-catering accommodation and experience of working in the hospitality and tourism industry. We know the trends, what guests look for, the software available to help run your business and more.

A combination of fantastic web designers and developers, good research and top-quality marketers has led to amazing results for our clients. Here’s what Ilonka, the owner of Sextons Place had to say about our work:

“I came to ACT Studios not really knowing exactly what I wanted, but from the very start they listened to my ideas and went on to create a website which far exceeded my hopes and expectations. Every member of the team has such an in-depth knowledge of their subject matter and they were always on hand to provide guidance and advice in the most patient and kind manner, which made for a very enjoyable experience. They will tell you that they’re not happy with the end result until you are, and it’s true. I am hugely grateful for all the time and effort they put into making my website and one that I am extremely proud of. Thank you to everyone at ACT Studios, your service is without fault and I cannot recommend you highly enough to anyone thinking about creating their own website.”

Why is now is the perfect time to create a new website?

Covid-19 has halted many (if not most) industries. As lockdowns come and go, competition for online sales increases. It is less popular for people to buy in person. Even without coronavirus, this trend was apparent, Covid-19 has just speeded things up. For those reasons, now more than ever is the perfect time to revisit your website. Whether you have one already, or not, it’s important that your site satisfies the success factors above. SEO will drive visitors, high-quality photography and 3D tours will intrigue visitors, intuitive navigation will keep visitors on your site and impressive CTAs will lead your visitors to buy. If one thing, in that chain of events, is broken it makes it less likely that the consumer will purchase.

We understand it may seem daunting to invest in your business amidst such tumultuous times, but now is the perfect time to act to ensure your continued success. Both throughout Covid-19 and long after. Please get in touch for a no-obligation chat about how we can help your online presence.