How a specialist holiday accommodation website company adds value

Apr 21, 2022smart marketing, Websites

If you’re looking to update your holiday rental website or build your very first one, there are lots of different options out there. Finding the best solution for you can be daunting. Where do you start? You can choose a DIY off-the-shelf website builder, carefully select an experienced web developer and weigh-up every service offering in-between. There are a few things to consider when making your decision. Ultimately it’s about creating a beautiful website that gets found in searches. One that truly showcases your holiday accommodation and the guest experience you provide. It should also cover all the information needed to answer your potential guests’ questions. Plus it has to be intuitive and easy to navigate. That’s what gives visitors to your website the confidence to click ‘Book Now’.

Whilst a do-it-yourself approach can be tempting to keep costs down, it’s not always the best choice. Especially if you’re not confident in your tech skills. At the other end of the scale, choosing a big website design agency to do it all for you can seem like the right decision. But how well does that agency understand the holiday rental industry? Are they familiar with the various software options out there that can help you run your business smoothly? Designing and building a website for holiday cottages is very different to creating one for a retail outlet or car sales dealership.

Choosing a company that offers a range of services to suit all budgets and specialises in the holiday rental industry can tick all the boxes. This is why.

1. They help you stay on trend

Trends and buying habits change. Although the fundamentals of a good website across all industry sectors remain unchanged (ie. quick loading time, easy to navigate, clear calls-to-action  etc), what worked five years ago can be old-hat now. When you choose a holiday accommodation website specialist, they should be aware of what guests want today. So this will be reflected in all elements of your new website – and that’s more than just the look and feel. It should be reflected in your SEO (search engine optimisation, what helps your site get found in web searches), the content (or copywriting) and the quality of images. Lockdown saw a significant increase in the number of dog owners. If that’s a niche that you cater for, is it at the core of your messaging? Moving forward, how easily can you update your existing website to embrace changing trends?

2. They’ve got good contacts

When the company you choose specialises in holiday accommodation and hospitality marketing, they’re often part of a really useful network. So if you need help deciding which property management software to use, which advertising websites to list on or what other software is out there that can make your life easier, they’ll give you the options. At ACT Studios, we have fantastic relationships with lots of industry experts. From Premier Cottages to Touch Stay to The Wanderlist and more – we can help you choose which solutions out there best fit your needs. It all comes together to make life easier – for you and your guests.

3. Shared expertise

You’ll be working alongside a team of experts. So they can provide as much or as little help as required. Experienced designers make sure your website looks good, using fonts and colours that portray your brand presence. They’ll correctly re-size all of the images used. Expert copywriters ensure the content uses the tone and language that’s the right fit for you and provides all the information in a succinct and straightforward way. The technical team will ensure your new website is safe and secure and fully responsive across different browsers and devices.

We know that’s probably true for any established website company. But what’s different about one that specialises in holiday accommodation marketing is they also have specific industry know-how. And they keep in mind what your guests want to know throughout (as well as what you’re passionate about telling them).

The ACT Studios team live and breathe holiday accommodation marketing. From capturing beautiful professional images, to designing and building stand-out websites, to helping you build and engage with your audience. It all leads to the ultimate goal – more bookings.

We can help you make your guests’ experience straightforward and easy, at every step of their journey. Choosing the right keywords so your website gets found in a search. Using the best mix of images that stop people in their search. Organising the content logically so information is easy to find. Keeping the booking process simple. Encouraging guests to submit reviews. Building relationships so you stay in touch with your guests after they leave. And more.


The best way to get started is to have a chat. We can discuss your aims and ambitions and make a plan to get you there. Call us on 0333 3446897 or email

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