How easy is it to switch to managing your own bookings?

Feb 6, 2023smart marketing, Websites

So one reason a short term rental owner might be reluctant to get their own direct booking website is they think that managing their own bookings is all too much work. But it might not be as difficult as you think. Yes you’ll need to spend some time setting your property/ies up on your chosen Property Management Software (PMS). But once you have, it pretty much automates most of the booking process.

You’ll have an availability calendar and booking pages embedded into your standalone website. So guests will be able to book and pay online securely. Just like they can on any of the big name OTAs that they know and trust so well. Only now they’re booking direct with you. You can make sure that any questions guests regularly have are answered on your own website. That way people won’t feel the need to phone you up to ask. It makes life easier for everyone and removes a big booking barrier. Ensuring all of the information is there and providing a safe and secure environment to book there and then gives potential guests the confidence to click ‘Book Now’.

From Airbnb only to direct bookings overnight

I love how in this video clip Lizzy from Sweet Donside Cabins in Scotland says,

“We were looking at our phone going – Oh we’ve got a booking! Oh we’ve got another booking!”

Lizzy also talks about how guests love to really check out all of the different cabins so they can clearly see what staying there is like. Having your own website not only shows that you are a serious, authentic business. It helps to build trust too. That trust is further enhanced with 3D virtual tours and professional photography as well as reviews and any accreditations.

This is the second in a blog series about a holiday rentals experience of getting her own direct booking website. The full conversation is around 23 minutes if you want to watch it all.

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