Will a standalone website reach a large audience?

Mar 14, 2023smart marketing, Websites

IRBNBeIn this installment from my chat with Lizzy from Sweet Donside Cabins in Scotland, we talk about the reach your standalone website will achieve. Perhaps one of the biggest concerns an owner has when they decide to ‘go it alone’. Except as we keep saying, no one is suggesting you have your own website instead of listing on the big booking websites. Simply have your own website running alongside all of your other marketing channels. So you’ve still got that audience, it’s just now you can grow that even more. Plus you’re giving guests the option to book direct. That’s a win-win for everyone.

If you need some reassuring, Sweet Donside Cabins and Sweetheart Cottage’s website has a very successful reach. It has on average 4.5k page views every month, with direct bookings coming from people in the USA and Denmark. Over half of those website visitors find Sweet Donside’s standalone website via a google search, and almost a quarter find it via social media.

But as the owner, you will have to do some work to get your website seen as well. Lizzy is brilliant at that. Have a listen to find out how she has achieved a social media following of 8k+:


This is the fifth in a blog series about a holiday rentals experience of getting her own direct booking website. The full conversation is around 23 minutes if you want to watch it all.
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