Capturing all those special moments

Aug 6, 2023Interior design, smart marketing, Still photography

Thinking about booking a professional photo shoot of your holiday accommodation? There’s a few things to consider to make sure you get the very best results. And that can take a bit of planning. Luckily, our experienced team have some top practical tips to help, which we’ve put together in our Photo Shoot Prep Guide. But to stand out even more, here are 3 more things to consider.

1. Think like a guest

We touched on this in an earlier blog (Sharing Social Media Tips), but it is so important in all aspects of marketing your holiday properties. Including your photography. What is the overwhelming response you hear the most from guests after or during their stay? Is it the location? The view from the patio? Or the property itself? A special feature like a swimming pool or a lakeside summerhouse? Do they enjoy sitting outside in the mornings and watching the birds and wildlife? Or the walk to the village pub or maybe the beach? If there is something that is mentioned time and time again, ask your photographer to capture this in the shoot. It’s so important that your images evoke emotions as well as showcasing the accommodation. That’s what draws people in and drives the desire to find out more and book now.

2. Visual answers

Is there a question that potential guests seem to always ask you? Or any shared concerns that some of your target audience have? You probably already address these by including detailed descriptions on your own website, maybe in your Booking Ts & Cs, Guest Book and your listing on sites that you advertise on. But if it’s possible, show the answers visually too.

If the majority of your guests are dog-owners, they might want reassurance about how secure the garden is, or where they can walk their dog during their holiday. So capture images of any enclosed spaces you have (showing the fencing) or walks from the door. Make sure your own dog/s (or a friend’s) are available during the photo shoot to take a starring role. Again, this will help people picture walking their own dog on that route or the whole family relaxing in the garden.

If your accommodation is ultra-accessible, feature images that reflect that. Adjustable-height worktops in the kitchen, level access entry, a wet room or ramps where required. Again, this helps reassure potential guests and removes the barrier of uncertainty.

3. Images for all seasons

The majority of owners try to book their professional photo shoot during the spring or summer months, when the gardens are in full bloom and (hopefully) the sun is shining. But if you have the space, you could dress areas a little differently to appeal to people throughout the year. So you could have a pair of sunglasses, a sun hat and an ice-cold refreshing drink on the patio table, with the surrounding countryside basking in the midday sun. Then if you have a firepit or a chimnea with outdoor seating, ask if that can be shot a bit later in the day when the light changes. Put out some blankets, light the fire and a couple of candles or some fairy lights. Then place mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows in shot.

Inside, make sure your log baskets by the fireplace are full (we can add a fire during the editing process if yours isn’t lit), put some snuggly throws on the sofa and maybe a glass of red wine nearby – or a nice pot of coffee and some cake. To get the summer vibes, in the kitchen you could have a plate of lemons, oranges and limes on the worktop; or some seasonal veg or a vase of flowers. Then add a jug of cucumber water and maybe a bowl of strawberries when you dress the dining table. That way you’ll have a full portfolio of images (that you can use on your social media pages and listing sites too) in the bank to feature in your marketing emails or Instagram posts at key points throughout the year.

Want to book a photo shoot?

Get in touch! Have a chat with Stephanie to arrange the dates that work best and we’ll get you scheduled in. You will receive a portfolio of images that are yours to use across all of your marketing channels: your website, listings on other websites, social media, marketing emails and more.


This article features images captured at The Chic Salcombe Bolthole, Boscrowan, Burlton Cottages, Squirrel’s Nest, Orroland, Rivercatcher, Polkanugga Farm, Cossington Park, Grenville at Wallops Wood, Meadow Lodges Boothby Pagnell, Greenhill Glamping, Dove House Dorset, Eco Chic Cottages and Duffus Estate.