Introducing Beds4Nature

Oct 19, 2023smart marketing

Beds4Nature makes it easy to calculate your holiday property’s carbon footprint, then reduce it by increasing wildlife and native woodland in your area. All whilst supporting the local community. It’s a brand new initiative that we’re hoping you’ll want to get involved in. So we wanted to share how it all began.

Sustainability has become an important part of the decision making process when guests are looking for somewhere to stay. even includes a Sustainable initiatives section in their listings now. Love them or loathe them, the big travel platforms are always quick to react to changing demands. So it absolutely makes sense to get on board. Apart from the obvious reasons (we’re all keen to do what we can to contribute to a greener future), today’s guests care more than ever about choosing sustainable holidays. When we work with owners to deliver their websites for example, we always encourage them to include a section about their eco ethics. The same goes for your marketing messages too. But aside from recycling, using energy efficient lighting and even installing an Electric Vehicle Charging point, we thought there must be a way to do more. Is there a way to make that easy? And how do we know what the carbon footprint of our holiday let is anyway? That’s what we set out to answer. And that’s where Beds4Nature began.

What is Beds4Nature?

Beds4Nature provides an easy way to make your holiday accommodation carbon friendly whilst contributing to the sustainability within local communities. Owners that have become members are supporting native woodland creation and increasing biodiversity for generations to come.

Beds4Nature is a collaboration between ACT Studios and professional UK woodland developers – with a huge helping hand from Anthony Waite. (Anthony is a leading professional who solves complex energy and renewables problems for the greater good).

Skip forward a few months and its finally ready to share with you. Basically there are 4 simple steps that help you select a woodland creation project local to you, then calculate, manage and market your holiday property’s C02 emission to today’s guests. Pop over to the website to find out more.