How to encourage your guests to book direct

Sep 9, 20203D virtual tours, comprehensive marketing, Websites

2020 has seen a significant increase in people choosing to holiday in the UK instead of going abroad. But what makes people choose to book your holiday rental? It isn’t always about location. A luxury lodge on the Welsh coast could easily be competing against a seaside cottage in Cornwall if the accommodation has the look and feel that appeals to the guest. So you need to focus on the experience you offer. And create an easy journey for your guests from the moment they start looking for a place, to booking, through to staying at your property and beyond.

That comes from building trust and relationships that last. To encourage people to book direct (and previous guests to return again and again), there are a few things we can help with.

1. Build and create a winning website

3. Stay in touch with your guests

It’s important to keep the guest experience alive even after their holiday ends. There are a number of things you can do:

  • Ask your guests to review their stay and welcome their feedback.
  • Post regularly on your social media pages, engage with your followers and encourage them to share their experiences. (You can ask guests to follow you during the booking process or on a card in your property).
  • Send regular mailshots to previous guests and those who have made an enquiry. Even if it’s just four times a year, it’s a fantastic way to share your news, seasonal updates and entice guests to make a repeat booking.
  • Send previous guests a personal email 11 months after they placed their booking. We’re creatures of habit, so it’s likely they’ll be thinking about booking their next holiday around this time. Remind them of the fantastic time they had last time they stayed.

If you need any help with this, we offer a marketing service too. From sending a one-off mailshot to get you started, to social media management. Please call us on 0333 344 6897 to find out more.