Why universities are adding 3D virtual tours to enhance their promotional photography

With UK students now paying their own university tuition fees, the competition to fill places means that universities are having to make much more of a business case in order to attract new talent. Fortunately, in this increasingly digital age, the opportunities to gain a competitive advantage are also growing… Read more

5 ways to add value to your holiday home

Did you know that improving your guest’s anticipation to their forthcoming holiday is proven to increase their happiness levels? So how can you make simple changes which will increase these levels of anticipation in advance of a stay? ACT Studios interior designer, Nicola Brook, investigates. Increasing guest’s anticipation, will increase… Read more

4 Reasons Why NOW Is The Best Time To Book Your Holiday Cottage Photo Shoot

Holiday cottages throughout the UK are currently being repainted, refurbished and generally spruced up for the start of the new year, in the hope that this investment will pay off with higher rates of occupancy for the rest of the season. But have you thought how you might capture this… Read more

Is Poor Photography Preventing Your Cottage From Being Booked?

Good Photography Guide:  When selling a house online, we all know that the main thing that makes people click to find out more about property or not, are the images used to display its interior and exterior.  The same applies to renting a holiday cottage.   Here, founder and director of… Read more

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